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Rhodes Grass

Rhodes grass is primarily a useful forage of moderate to high quality. It is grazed, cut for hay or used as deferred feed. Rhodes grass was - and still is - the preferred hay fodder for camels. While cattle, particularly dairy cows, are one of the major consumers of Rhodes Grass hay, the fodder is considered to being the best for camels and their digestive systems. With large camel farms and camel holders in the Middle East, comes the high demand of this grass feed.
Rhodes grass can be utilized as green forage or hay. It is very palatable and has good nutritive value.


Main Analysis Unit Average

  • Dry matter % as fed 86.4
  • Crude protein % DM 10.1
  • Crude fibre % DM 35.3
  • Gross energy MJ/kg DM 18.1

Minerals Unit Average

  • Calcium g/kg DM 3.1
  • Phosphorus g/kg DM 2.6
  • Potassium g/kg DM 16.9
  • Sodium g/kg DM 4.1
  • Magnesium g/kg DM 1.4
  • Manganese mg/kg DM 107
  • Zinc mg/kg DM 22
  • Copper mg/kg DM 5
  • Iron mg/kg DM 31



Type Hay
Admixture (%): Non
Packaging Upon Client Request
Moisture (%): 12% Max
Grade Premium
Color Light green
Rhodes Grass for Camels Horses Cattle etc.

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